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Tube Bender¬†Demonstrations “On Site”or Showroom based

At Pipe and Tube Machines Ltd, we have two demo vans that tour the country North to South. As a company we have made an investment in running the vans for our customers as we appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our  full range of machinery on site in front of your full workforce rather than just one or two if they were to travel to us.

This is a service we have been providing since day one, the only difference is now we have a much wider range of machines to demonstrate on site.

Demonstrations are welcomed at our workshop-showroom just outside Colchester Essex as well this can give any customer the scale of the business we are running and the continued investment in our range of stock.

We would welcome the opportunity to put our machinery in your workshop up against any of the competition in a like for like scenario. we know which range you would choose when you see the superior quality of our Ercolina Products.

Demonstartion Vehicle

We demonstrate our machinery on site and in our working showroom. Book your free demo today.

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