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Icaro Rebar Bar Bending machines made in Italy, robust good quality product designed primerily for construction industry. Our vast customer base has adapted these versitile machines to suit many applicaions to include Bow-Tops, Gates and Railings, Boat Shackles, Flat Bar Bending, General Fabrication. The machines can be adapted simply to suit most applications affordably
We are proud to be sole UK dealers and have several models in stock for immediate demonstration

Icaro Rebar Bar Bending Machines

Italian Manfactured Icaro Rebar Bar bending machines are fast becoming market leaders in the UK. We are proud to support them as Sole UK Agents, they are industrial quality pieces of kit that are made to last. Can be used for a variety of applications and tooling can be made by any local tool maker keep consumables to a minimum.

Icaro Bar Cutting Shearing machines

To compliment Icaro Bar Benders the company manufactures a range of cutters-Shearing machines suitable for such applications. Simple easy to use long lasting machines.

Bend and Shear Combi Machines

Icaro has an extensive range of Bar benders and Cutters alone, they also have made a range of combi machines to accomodate on site work or smaller workshops limited on space. They are very versatile well built machines well suited to small batches and production runs.