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Ercolina Ring Rollers

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Ercolina Mandrel benders

July Stock 2014

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over 250 Tool Sets Available

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New and Used Machine Tools and Metal Fabrication Equipment-Ercolina Pipe Benders
Are you struggling to bend the following? Chromoly, T45, 4130, CDS, CHS,BOX,Aluminium, Stainless, Hydraulic Pipe, Kunifer, Ti, Galv. Then you should be talking to us at Pipe and Tube Machines Ltd, we have the knowledge and experience for a solution for you. View our online shop for tooling and spares at Ercolina Tooling and Spares

Ercolina 083
Click here for Ercolina 083 Machine Spec

Ercolina 083 Pipe Bender-In Stock with Complete Kit+Extras
Will bend easily up to 1" Gas tube by 3mm
Manual Pipe Bender
Designed for site work or small jobs in workshop
Available as a machine or a complete kit form as shown in image with tooling,
Tripod and metal carry case optional

Ercolina 060 Magic Bender
Ercolina UK Agents

Ercolina 060 Magic Pipe Bender
Capacity up 48 x 3mm
Manual Pipe Bender
Can be driven by a Electric drill
Digital Read Out
More spec coming soon
Email: Sales@pipeandtubemachines.co.uk

Ercolina 070 Pipe Tube Bender
Click here for Ercolina 070  Machine Spec

 Ercolina 070 Medi-Bender -Pipe Bender-
In Stock with Tooling Next Day Delivery!

Truly portable- bench top tube bender, can be carried to job easy to use
 Dial in Angle and Springback with DRO.
Suitable for Hydraulics and Small Stainless Tube-on site work
avaiable in 110volts or 240 volts single phase
1 Year Warranty    110V.jpg
email: sales@pipeandtubemachines.co.uk   

Click here to see our MB42 110v video

Ercolina MB42
PDF Spec

Ercolina MB42-P Tube Bender-In Stock with Tooling 110v or 240v
Single Phase/Three Phase
Bench Top machine 30 programs, 9 bends per program 
Springback for each bend
Quick change Tooling 
complete with foot pedals
Ideal for pipe 38x3mm
Also available in full height 3 phase or single phase.
For MB42 Tooling+Spares
click here
Email: Sales@pipeandtubemachines.co.uk

Ercolina SB48
PDF Spec

  Ercolina SB48 Pipe Bender
Rare 110 Volt Machine in Stock

Capacity 42x3mm
Available in Single or Three Phase
Multi Programmable Machine 30 Programs 9 Bends per program
Foot pedal control
A40P Position Table compatible
Ercolina Quick change tooling

PDF Spec

Ercolina TB050-EDT Pipe Bender-
In Stock With Tooling                   Available in 220-240v and 415v

Capacity 60x3mm
The first user-friendly Tube Bender for Fabricators
no need to remember how to program just get on and use it, with dial in angle and Springback with DRO.
Suitable for most applications-Handrails-Rollcages-Chassis-Hydraulics
Ring for best price and delivery options 07740 868213
For 050-EDT Tooling and Spares

Ercolina TB60
PDF Spec

Ercolina TB-60-3 Phase Pipe Bender-In Stock with Tooling
Capacity 60x4 Stainless Steel
30 Programs 9 Bends per program
Quick change Tooling
2 Speeds
Suitable for Roll cages, Handrails and Hydraulics and many other applications
email enquiry here -

Click on image below for machine spec

Ercolina TB76 Machine Spec

Ercolina 030 V2T Tube Bender-3 Phase
30 Programs
9 Bends per program
Quick Change Tooling
Larger Capacity machine suitable for Roll cages, Hydraulics and Handrails
The Grass Track bike was built using this machine to bend the components.  

Ercolina TB100 Pipe Bender In Stock
Ercolina TB100 Machine Spec

Ercolina TB100 Tube Bender-3 Phase
Used Model In Stock call 01206-616959
Complete with 6 New Tool Sets & 6 Months Warranty £9750+vat
Fully Programmable Bend angle and Springback
USB Memory storage
Variable Speed
Manual Mode or Automatic
Quick Change Tooling
3 Phase Power
Bends Pipe-Box-Profile
Demos available

Ercolina TB130 Pipe Bender
Optional 2 Axis Position Table

Ercolina TB130 Pipe Bender
Capacity 4″ sch 40 pipe
PLC touch screen control offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes, programming (inch or metric),
Engineered heavy-duty steel gear case accepts bend profiles with CLR to 27.5″
Digital display of counterbend die axis and bend angle
Auto load sensing improves bend productivity while protecting machine
Patented quick-change tooling system with multiple radii available
40,50 and 80 Hex Tooling

Ercolina TB180 Pipe Bender
Click here to view Ercolina TB180 Demo Video

Ercolina TB180 Pipe Bender
Capacity 152.4 x 3.4mm Pipe Bend any angle to 180° with independent material spring back compensation for each bend
PLC touch screen control offers easy access to operating modes, programming, system diagnostics and multiple language capability
Patented quick-change tooling system with multiple radii available
Digital display of counterbend die axis and bend angleSemi-automatic counterbending die positioning system
Engineered heavy-duty steel gear case accepts bend profiles with CLR to 39-1/4″
Optional hydraulic clamping of material available